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Intersculpt 2003
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Mark Palmer & Jonathan Mackenzie - Maelstrom 2002 - 2003 (Work in Progress)
“Maelstrom” arises out of a proposal Mark submitted to the New Technology Arts Fellowship. The aim is simple, to create a fluid environment within which users are the source of energy in the unfolding of a complex system. Rather than rendering an environment from the point of view of one person who is given control of that environment, Maelstrom seeks to make all of it’s users equal; creating an environment within which the relationship between users is as important as their presence. Discussions have been entered into with The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge to further these aims. Mark and Mac worked on the first version of Maelstrom using touch screens and animated figures to convey the aims of the project. For this version Mark has used optical tracking technology to involve ‘embodied’ users for the first time.


Supporters and Contributors to this work include: The New Technology Arts Fellowship (The Junction, Kettles Yard & Crucible), The AHRB, CARET (Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology – University of Cambridge), Staffordshire University, The University of the West of England, and Fast-uk.

Mark Palmer is the first Watershed Senior Research Fellow in Digital Media working between the University of the West of England and the Watershed in Bristol. He is working on the development of d-shed (an on-line presence dealing with new forms of digital practise) and issues of user involvement. His work emerges out of a history of collaborative practice that has included the award of a New Technology Arts Fellowship by the University of Cambridge and The Junction and an AHRB Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts. He has also been recently announced as a contributor to the Alterne project ( Having been a sculptor and installation artist who began working with immersive virtual reality he became interested in exploiting the inherent qualities of digital media. As a consequence he began working on the creation of complex systems and multi-user environments that involve all its ‘users in the unfolding of events. As a part of this he has also published work on the philosophy of Deleuze and Spinoza and the implications of the new sciences for our understanding of digital media. He has worked on the CADE committee, as an editor of Digital Creativity and in 2003 he was elected the chair of CADE.
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